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Tweaks and Changes. Oh My!

I've started the process of changing around the site in order to get it more "Andrew Friendly". Nothing overly drastic, but sometimes things get broken (such as last nights attempt at installing the Mobile Output plugin) and I figured I should provide some forewarning for future breakages. I have also run a complete backup of both the frontend files and the backend database, just to be on the safe side.

My hope is to get all my back-dated changes up on the blog over the next week, including some sort of "About Me" page. I have not decided yet, but I am leaning towards a sticky entry that explains I Am. When? for newcomers who happen to wander over this way. With a few billion people in the world, there have got to be a couple of people left out there who don't read my blog. I think it would be nice to present them with a short blurb in the form of a sticky post.

I also need to find a new picture for over there -->

Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed for me.


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