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Welcome to I Am. When?

After a nearly 10 year hiatus, it is my pleasure to welcome you (back) to I Am. When?, the personal blog for Andrew Maxim. On this blog you will find entries dealing with virtual environments, robotics, information systems & technologies, physics rants, and miscellaneous "whatever thought gets stuck in my head" type stuff.

Excuse the massive amount of dust on this here Internet do-hicky-thing-a-ma-bobber. I have managed to restore all of my old blog entries from 10 plus years ago and obviously need to clean up some of the stuff. Do not fret, I will not be fixing spelling mistakes or editing entries (except this sticky post welcoming one) unless it pertains to a personal possessive which has become historically inaccurate (eg saying "here is a picture of my car," when I sold said car three years back). I will also be removing the Proverbs Web Calendar posts to keep from being misleading. The static pages are all fair game though.

Again, welcome (back) to I Am. When? I hope you enjoy the madness that is my mind.


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