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A Few Site Changes

I love Serendipity. The word and the blog. Going through and making changes to this blog has been so simple thanks to all the work the developers have put into the core product and the plugins. There are a few things I have had to tweak in the PHP code, but that is only because I like to make it "all my own."

For those of you who could not tell already, I did in fact decide to go with the sticky entry to provide a quick blurb for new visitors. I have also opted to whore myself out and throw up the Google AdSense plugin. If all of my readers decide to click an advertisement I could probably afford to pay for 20 seconds of my monthly web hosting bill. Sweet. That aside, I am quite happy that it has been showing advertisements related to networks and security, as opposed to porn. Of course I think I disallowed porn advertisements when I setup my AdSense account, so that might explain it.

Speaking of whoring myself, you might also notice I changed the picture of me in the right hand corner. That is the most recent photo of myself from all of two days ago (there is one from yesterday someplace, but I don't have it yet). A new photo just in time for me to have cut my hair off and make the new photo no longer accurate. Good stuffs.


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