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Oil and Water

Oil and water do not mix. It is just one of those chemical composition things. You can pour them both into the same container and the water will settle to the bottom with the oil floating on top of it. Shake the container up and after a few minutes they will revert back to layering; oil on top and water on the bottom. Separate entities in the same container.

Both compounds are needed in this world. Water quenches thirst and is needed to survive. Oil, among other things, lubricates the gears and joints for movement. Even once you have both in the same container you can still separate them back out again and they will fulfill these basic tasks just as well because they do not mix.

There are ways you can force the two to combine, to bond as it were, but in doing so you wind up with neither water nor oil. Instead you have something else. Something that neither quenches your thirst nor provides lubrication for movement. A bastardized compound.

Science and religion are the same way. When you pour both into a person they will naturally settle, just as oil and water. Religion, like water, flows deep into a person and quenches their thirst; while science, like oil, will stay above it and lubricate the mind. Separate entities in the same container.

Only, for some strange reason, many people think they should not be poured into the same container at all. This is fine for a lot of people, filling themselves with either the water of religion or the oil of science. And it would be all well and good except you get many misguided individuals who believe there is no place for the other entity. How many scientists throughout the ages have been told time and again that they will burn in hell if they do not accept this deity or that god? How many students of religion have been told that there is no god? Each side attempting to force out one entity or the other. So much for freewill (which mind you both sides believe they possess or there would be no need to express their own views onto others).

For some even stranger reason there are even more people who attempt to mix the two. To rectify science with their god and their god with science. Evolution and creationism are a very good and on going example of this. Evolution is a scientific theory that attempts to show and understand how all creatures came into their current state of being. Creationism is a faith-based belief that all creatures were created by a god. The first lubricates the brain to think and learn. The second quenches the heart and soul with belief in a greater purpose.

And then there is Intelligent Design. The combination of the two. Forcing oil and water to bond until it is a new and different compound. In doing so there is no longer a separation of religion and science, and the new compound neither quenches one's soul nor lubricates one's mind. Combinations such as this serve no purpose within a person, but instead are a bastardization of wasted water and oil.

Within my own self I allow both entities to exist. The waters of religion and the oils of science. There is no need for me to compare or contrast the two. There is no need for me to rectify one with the other. They are separate and do not mix. I am happy to leave it as such. Faith is not science, nor is science about faith; why should I force one out or attempt to combine them? Just as water does not contradict oil, religion and science do not contradict one another because there is no overlap; they each remain distinctly different and separate. The waters of religion quench my heart and soul, while the oils of science lubricate my mind. Oil and water do not mix; and that is why I am a Pastafarian.


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Strzelanki on :

I agree that there is no need to separate science from religion. But some people are just unable to think that way. And no matter who they are - scientists or very religious men. For me saying that one thing is nothing compared to other is just ignorance. I mean that science eventually will explain everything that religion can't. But there will always appear something that could not be explained "yet". And religion is not only about those unexplainable things but also about faith. And faith doesn't need prove of anything. And there is no contradiction between believing something and knowing something because most of modern science theories are based also on faith (eventually on mathematical proof).

Aoshi on :

Actually, this is one of the biggest misunderstandings there are in the realm of knowledge.

Anything that is real, from God to the void of space, is a facet of the solid block of reality. Now all things that are part of that block cannot contradict one another, because they are real. Something real is already coexisting with every other reality or fact in existence.

Our thoughts, on the other hand, MAY conflict. It isn't that the facets of reality in front of us are conflicting, though. It's that whenever we are mistaken in our knowledge or assumptions of any facet of reality, our conclusions or assumptions will conflict with that reality.

God and the universe which we observe in science, are both real. They are both facets of the solid body of reality, coexisting without any conflict or contradiction with one another. What is conflicting are the ideas of men who misunderstand or are in error about one facet or another, whose beliefs, being in error, contradict the reality around us, or it's various facets.

Ultimately, it's not that religion and science cannot mix. Science comes from the latin "scientia" ... "knowledge". Knowledge can be had about any facet of reality... about anything that is real. You can say, then, that you can have the science (or knowledge) of anything in existence. God is merely one facet about which we can have knowledge. What we call science... the knowledge of the universe around us... is simply another facet about which we can have knowledge. These things, as existing realities, CANNOT conflict. That is, knowledge, when it is true, will reveal that nothing which exists in reality is in any way conflicting with anything else in reality.

Reality is in perfect agreement, and so, too, is knowledge of the truth of it's various facets. Being one, whole, coherent picture, they cannot contradict one another. Only our misconceptions and errors about them can conflict with them, and cause them to appear to conflict with one another.

So if science and religion do not appear to mix, or appear to conflict, it is NOT that they actually do... but those apparent contradictions are, with absolute certainty, due ONLY to the fact that we have false ideas about one or the other of them (religion or science). If our knowledge of them was true, they would, as facets of the same reality around us, agree perfectly with one another.

This is the problem with religion being seen as a personal choice and not a matter of fact or truth. There are a billion conflicting religions, but only one real God, and only one truth about every facet or point about Him, His law, and what He expects of us. Reality cannot be many contradicting things. It simply is what it is. But our false ideas about reality can be anything at all, and can certainly disagree with reality, and cause reality to appear to disagree with itself. Still, the actual reality itself is the only truth, and our preferences cannot change or decide it.

Adam on :

I also agree with Aoshi. It doesn't matter how people in different religions call God - it's the same God, but some people using religion to manipulate people and this is the main reason of conflicts

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