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Miscellaneous Crap

Forty. That is the minimum number of hours I am working each week, usually it is more. Sixteen. That is the number of credit hours I am enrolled in at school this semester. What does this have to do with anything except as an excuse as to why updates to this here blog-thingy are so few and far between? The answer, simply put, is to let you all know just how insane I really am. Bonkers.

Aside from all that I have been emailing with a few people on the Proverbs Web Calendar 2.1. A long time ago, in a life far, far away, I goofed in my coding. In my own defense, the part I goofed on was how the web event calendar handled some of the special characters in languages other than English, and I only speak English (as can be seen by how poorly translated the language files are). So a few boo-boos slipped past and some language packs did not work correctly.

The good news is that I took a little time away from my very busy schedule and fixed those "undocumented features." While I was fixing that problem, I went through and made a few other minor changes to the event calendar. The full list of changes is included in the download or on the calendar page up there ^. Just like that and we are now up to the Proverbs Web Calendar version 2.1.1.

Segueing back to emails, ever since I did my entry on Carnegie Mellon I have received many emails from students seeking help and guidance. At first glance, I would have to ask myself why someone would want advice on getting into a graduate program at a school like CMU from a person who got rejected, but that is just me. As luck would have it, the first glance is not really accurate as I have accumulated a ton of knowledge on how the admissions process works with graduate schools and have been providing helpful advice for almost a year now.

Of course with my current work/school schedule I have had limited time to respond to emails in a timely fashion. What I thought I would do instead, at least on this subject, is to compile all that knowledge into one place. A repository, as it were, of the accumulated knowledge for getting into a good graduate program. Now if only there was a place where I could host such a repository. A place where people can come and freely read my advice. A place people could find easily enough with a quick search. A place where people could then contact me if they had further questions on the subject. It is too bad that such a place does not exist.

Oh wait...

I should have that entry composed, compiled, and coordinated this coming weekend. So if you ever wondered how the graduate school admissions process worked, you will have your answer in a few short days. Maybe it is "many" short days. Perhaps, for the sake of an honest assessment of my schedule, I should be calling them "long" days. Anyway, stay tuned for a few updates to I Am. When?


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